Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse is an advanced skilled nurse who has exposure to clinical education, and practice. Also they are experienced in various aspects of nursing such as evaluation, planning, execution and diagnosis of patient care. These nurses are prepared at the post graduate level and are equipped to work as either generalist or specialists. However, it is important to mention that the program of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse is designed to facilitate further learning in nursing professionals who have experience in clinical research and nursing. This ensures that the professional is aware of the various skills that are required to pursue a higher degree such as this.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses come with proven skills in the integration of theory, practice along with desired experience. This ensures that they have the requisite skills to work independently and take decisions quickly. The Advanced Practice Registered Nursing program involves intensive post graduate education to train the APN to use a wide range of approaches that can help in prompt decision making. They are also trained to use several approaches that can help in providing excellent support to the patients. In addition, the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are trained in the following aspects:

• Supervising the optimal utilization of physical resources
• Building a conducive environment for work
• Safeguarding the interests of individuals and groups
• Engaging in ethical nursing practices
• Developing therapeutic relationships with the patients
• Overseeing various initiatives to create a better working place.

Broadly, Advanced Practice Registered Nursing education programs forms the foundation of four areas of specialization. These may include:

• Nurse practitioners
• Clinical nurse specialists
• Nurse midwives
• Nurse anesthetists

Each of these specialized branches has sub specialties or components that concerns patient care. Therefore, despite being under the category of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing these components have unique features.

It is important to note that certification and accreditation are of great importance in the context of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing. Moreover, these roles are under the direct purview of the legislation and professional regulation. This provides for insurance reimbursement, referral among others. In the United States, licensing boards are overseen by state regulations and these are the arbitrators governing the practice of nursing.

While Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are educated differently on the basis of the state regulations, all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are prepared at the graduate level and are expected to hold at least a master’s degree.

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