General Information

AFG APN International The AFG APN International is a group of international and German APNs with an interest in development and implementation of APN & ANP in the German speaking context. The AFG aims to support the mission and activities of DN APN & ANP g.e.V. They facilitate expert networking and to foster international APN workplace / practice exchange.

Short-term goals (in approx.1 year we will:)

  • Develop the AFG structure including an increased membership
  • Support the DN Förderprogramm by actively encouraging members to apply e.g. for international workplace / practice exchange and placements.
  • Actively contribute towards DN congresses and expert workshops.
  • Develop a database of international APN communities/working groups.

Mid-term goals (in up to 3 years we will:)

  • Improve communication / follow-up between AFG members and APNs who undertook previous exchange placements.
  • Continue to develop links between international APN networks and associations, and strengthening existing partnerships.

Long-term goals (in up to 5 years we will:)

  • Contribute to / participate in international APN projects and/or congresses.
  • Conduct research / projects that will inform the development of APN world-wide but particularly within the German-speaking context (eg. push & pull factors; systematic review of the unique contribution of APNs to patient outcomes; or similar).
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