ICNBetween the 18th and the 20th of August Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses from around the globe met in Helsinki at the ICN INP / APNN conference. The motto was „Advanced nursing practice: Expanding access and improving healthcare outcomes”. 4 keynote presentations, 8 workshops, a comprehensive poster exhibition as well as nearly 180 presentations formed the background for exchange and networking. Different themes approached the focus of APN roles and their impact on patient and health care outcomes from various angles.

The keynote lecture presented by Prof. Denise Bryant-Lukosius (McMaster University, Canada) emphasised the influence APN roles have on achieving  worldwide universal health coverage. She also saw these roles as a sign for an integrated health service. Prof. Ruth Kleinpell (Rush University, USA) spoke in her keynote lecture about the importance of APN outcome measurements. These are nowadays mandatory. However APNs are frequently ‘invisible champions’, who need to speak, write and in general disseminate information about the work they  do, because frequently a description of before the implementation and an after the implementation shows the impact they  have on patients and their outcomes. If one considers implementing APN roles one should obtain baseline data before commencing the role, outcome measurement will be so much easier then.

I felt very lucky that I had the opportunity to speak about the experiences at my hospital with implementing ANP roles, challenges we faced and strategies we use(d). The presentation was well received and stimulated questions about the APN training in Germany, the relationships with patients and medical staff. At congress, there were many more presentations which depicted the APN developments in their country i.e. Finland, China and UK. It was very interesting to gain insight into the developments and issues experienced in other countries and by APNs around the world. A reception on Monday night, congress dinner, as well as lunches and breaks provided ideal opportunities for networking and sharing of experiences.

The co-ordinator of international contacts, Daniela Lehwaldt, invited participants to submit an abstract for the forthcoming 3rd International APN Congress in Munich 4th-5th September 2015. It was an excellent conference with plenty of possibilities to network within the global APN community. I can only recommend to you to attend the next ICN INP / APNN conference from the 9th to the 11th of September 2016 in Hongkong.

More Information can be found under the following links:

ICN INP / APN Network http://www.icn.ch/networks/icn-networks/ oder http://international.aanp.org/

Information about the conference http://www.nurses.fi/8th-icn-international-nurse-prac/


Elke Keinath and Daniela Lehwaldt, Coordinator International Contacts


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